Severin’s Choice: Dany Madlen Zărnescu

Harmony with Violet, mixed technique, 84x80 cm

Harmony with Violet, mixed technique, 84×80 cm

The ancient philosophers from Greece thought that the fundamental colours are black, white, yellow and red. I know only a major Romanian artist who explored almost all the amazing potential of black, Dany Madlen Zărnescu, from Bacău ( born in 1950 in Vama, Bucovina), the city of one of the classics of the Romanian poetry, George Bacovia. He wrote a poem, ‘’Black’’, which always reminds me the cutting edge lifelong works of Dany Madlen, a very discreet and delicate artist: ‘’Charred flowers, a mass of black …/Black coffins, burnt, of metal,/Funeral garments of charcoal,/Deep black, a mass of black …//Dream-sparks flickering … a mass of black;/Charred, love was smouldering -/Scent of burnt feathers, and it was raining …/Black, only a mass of black …’’



In her last years Dany Madlen Zărnescu fell in love with a traditional female piece of clothing from Bucovina, the so called ‘’catrinţa’’ (a beautiful rectangular homespun skirt). She began to collect such old pieces, with the strong desire of focusing the attention of the art lovers more on the artistic achievement incorporated into them, than on the utility purposes. With some small changes, only when she felt it was necessary, like adding some acryl colours, cutting some parts and adding others, these treasures made by anonymous women from the Bucovina villages have been framed and exhibited successfully, following the avant-garde tradition of Marcel Duchamp’s ready-made objects or the found objects of Dada movement, Fluxus, Pop Art, etc.



Now the readers of Levure littéraire may admire the cosmic beauty of these masterpieces made from woven textures, so refined and soberly coloured, a memento of the primordial history of Bucovina and Romania. In my opinion, there are very few contemporary abstract artists who succeed to create such impressive works, unique compositions where the subtle lines and the colours emanate a music at the level of Bach.

Silence III

Silence III

Horizontal Red

Horizontal Red

High Day

High Day



Dany Madlen Zărnescu

Dany Madlen Zărnescu

Dany-Madlen Zarnescu

Born on October 10th, 1950, Vama, Suceava county, Romania.
Studies: „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi, the Faculty of Drawing, the class of professor Nicolae Matyus. Member of the Romanian Artists’ National Union.
Personal Exhibitions: 2010-Exhibition at the Art Museum in the Baroque Palace, Timisoara; 2009-Exhibition at the „Mihai Eminescu” Society for the Romanian Culture, Cernauti, Ukraine; Exhibition at the Bucovina Museum Complex, Suceava; 2008-„Minimal Art” exhibition at the „Noua” Gallery, Bacau; 2005-Exhibition at the „Artis” Gallery, Bucharest; Exhibition at the „Velea” Gallery, Bacau; 2002-Collage Exhibition at the „Art” Gallery, Bacau; 1998-Collage Exhibition at the „Filart” Gallery, Bacau; 1997-Exhibition at the „Ad-Hoc” Galleries, Bacau; 1976-Graphics Exhibition at the Cultural Centre, Slobozia, Ialomita.
Group Exhibitions (selected): 2012 Exhibition during the memorial celebration
,,John Cage Centenary-Black Mountain College Phenomenon-John Cage and his art” at ”Triade” Gallery, Timisoara; Exhibition „Am I my brother’s guardian?” at ,,Bastion’’ Gallery, Timisoara; International Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary Art, „Micro”, the second edition, 2012, at the International Art and Literature Centre, Cordoba, Spain; „Art at the frontier of arts”, ICR, Budapest and the Art Museum, Timisoara; „Dialogue with the sacred”, the „Galata” Gallery of Sacred Art, Iasi; „European Bridges”, the Art Museum, Constanta; 2011-„Contemporary Synthesis of Romanian Art” at the „Constantin Brancusi” Exhibition Hall of the Romanian Parliament, Bucharest; „Artis” Exhibition Hall, Iasi; 2010-„Totem” Fine Arts International Exhibition, the VIth edition, Targu Mures and Iasi; CIALEC International Salon of Contemporary Art, IInd edition, Cordoba, Spain; „Micro” International Biennial of Contemporary Art at the International Art and Literature Centre, Cordoba, Spain; „Contemporary Artists”, the „House of Art” Gallery, Bucharest; „Abstract”, the „House of Art” Gallery, Bucuresti; 2009 – Exhibition of the Sucevita art camp at the „Bucovina” Museum Complex, Suceava and the Art Museum, Cernauti, Ukraine; „Experiment” exhibition at „Alfa” Gallery; „Writing, form, symbol”, the Contemporary Art Gallery of „Iulian Antonescu” Museum,Bacau; „Art and Sacredness”, Focsani; 2008-„Tradition and postmodernism” and „The sacred in art” exhibitions at Focsani, Vrancea; Exhibition „3” at the Contemporary Art Gallery of the Iulian Antonescu Museum, Bacau; Exhibition „10+1”, Focsani; Exhitibion „Bacau artists in the collections of the Art Museum” at „Alfa” Gallery, Bacau; 2007 – Exhibition „Bucovinean Artists in Bacau” at „Alfa” gallery; Exhibition „Artitudes” at the „Brancovan Palaces” Cultural Centre, Mogosoaia; Exhibition
„Humane One” at the „Velea” Gallery, Bacau; 2006-the Exhibition of Tescani Cultural Centre at the „Veroniki Art”, Bucuresti; the Exhibition of the „Workshop” Symposium, Chisinau; Exhibition: „Meridian”, at the „Art” Gallery, Bacau; the National Salon of Art, „Constantin Brancusi” Exhibition Hall, Bucharest; 2006 – 2004 „Ion Andreescu” Art Biennial, Buzau; 2005-Exhibition „Nine”at the „George Apostu” Culture and Arts Centre, Bacau; 2004 – Exhibition: „Artitudes” at the „Art” Gallery, Bacau; Exhibition of the Bacau UAP Branch at Bistrita 2003 – „13 Woman Painters” at the „Alfa” Gallery, Bacau; „Approaching beauty” exhibition at „George Bacovia” University, Bacau; 2003, 2002-„Profart”, in the „Athenaeum” Hall, Bacau; 2002 – Exhibition „8 Art” at the „Arta” Gallery, Bacau; 2002,2001, 2000 – Exhibition „Art and the sacred” at the German Institute and the „Cupola” Gallery, Iasi; 2001- the „Romexpo” National Salon of Art, Bucharest; 2000 – the exhibition of the „Avangard Visual Art” Foundation, Moinesti; Exhibition „Ambient”, Bacau; 1999 – exhibition „Decomposition” at the „Alfa” Gallery, Bacau; „The sacred in art” at „Alfa” Gallery, Bacau; „8 Art” at the „George Apostu” Culture and Arts Centre, Bacau; 1999, 1998 – the Contest of the „Saint Luca” Foundation, Barlad; 1998 – „The church in Fine Art”, at the „Alfa” Gallery, Bacau; ,,17Artists” exhibition at the Romanian Literature Museum, Bucharest; 1997-2011, participation at all editions of the „Lascar Vorel” Biennial, Piatra Neamt; 1997-Exhibition „One x 6” at the „George Apostu” International Cultural Centre, Bacau; 1996 – „J.L.Calderon” Gallery, Bucharest; The Husit Museum, Tabor, Cehia; 1996, 1995 Group exhibition at „Voronetiana”, Suceava; 1995- „Victoria” Gallery, Iasi; 1994- the Art Museum, Cluj; 2003, 2001, 1999, 1993 – exhibitions of the Tescani International Art Camp; 1993- Wiesbaden, Germany; 1992 – the „Alfa” Gallery, Bacau; 1991- the „House of Art” Gallery, Bucharest; 2012-1990- participation at all editions of „Moldavian Salons”, Bacau-Chisinau; 1990- „Christian signs”, „George Apostu” Gallery, Bacau; 1986-1984 the A35 Exhibitions, „Art” Gallery, Bacau; 1977- the Art Galleries, Constanta; 1974, The UAP Art Galleries, Iasi; 1983-1974- participation at all exhibitions organised by „Stefan Luchian” Literary Circle at the Art Museum in Slobozia, Ialomita.
National and international workshops: 2012- the International Workshop of Painting and Sculpture, „European Bridges”, the 10th edition, organized by the Romanian Association of Creative Women in Fine Arts, Eforie Sud; 2011- the Symposium of painting from Srebrno Jezero, Serbia; the camp of creation and documentation, Balcic, Bulgaria; 2010- the National Art Camp, Braila; 2009-Art Camp at Sucevita, “Art, a common language of two cultures”, a Romania-Ukraine collaboration; 2008 – International Workshop “Art Textil”-fifth edition at Sadova-Calarasi, Republic of Moldova; 2006-Workshop at Chisinau, Republic of Moldova ; 1998, 2000, 2002 – “Nicolae Tonitza” National Art Camp at Durau, Piatra Neamt ; 2000 – International Art Camp at Moinesti, Slanic-Moldova organized by the Cultural Foundation “Avangard Visual Art”; 1996, 1997 National Art Camp at Magura ; 1999, 2001, 2003 International Art Camp Tescani ; 1985 National Art Camp at Moinesti, Bacau ; 1987 Darmanesti ; 1994 National Art Camp at Nicula, Cluj ; 1991, 1993, 1984 Camp at Berzunti, Bacau; 1981 Camp at Amara –Ialomita.
Prizes : 2012- Honorary Diploma at the Micro International Biennial of Contemporary Art, the second edition, organized by the International Centre of Art and Literature, Cordoba, Spain ; Prize and medal ‘The Golden Lindentree ‘, at the visual art section of Eminescu Prizes, the XI th edition, Botosani ; 2011- Certificate of Excellence awarded by the ‘Artis’ Salon, Iasi ; 2010-Juried Winner at ; 2009- The Prize of the Chisinau Mayoralty – Republic of Moldova ; Honorary Diploma of the ‘Mihai Eminescu’ Society for Romanian Culture, Cernauti, Ukraine ; 2008- certificate of Excellence for participation at the International Symposium ‘Ion Druta- folkloric traditions in the visual arts and literature’ at Sadova, Republic of Moldova ; 2005 The Prize of the Bacau branch of the Fine Artists’ Union of Romania ; 2005 and 2007 Nomination for the Contest-Exhibition “Saloanele Moldovei” ; 2003 Nomination for “Lascar Vorel” Biennial, Piatra Neamt ; 2003 The Prize for Fine Arts granted by the Cultural Foundation of Bucovina ; 2002 Nomination for the the Fine Artists’ Union of Romania national prizes ; 2002 The Prize of the Fine Artists’ Union of Romania at the Contest-Exhibition “Saloanele Moldovei” ; 1999 The Prize of “Sf. Nicolae” Foundation at Barlad ; 1997 Graphics Prize at “Lascar Vorel” Biennale at Piatra-Neamt ; 1994 First Prize at National Exhibition “ Bacovian Universe“, Bacau.
Books References (selected) : Aires de Cordoba Museum of Modern Arts, A.C. Press, Cordoba, Spain, 2011 ; Valentin Ciuca, ‘ The Illustrated Dictionary of Fine Arts of Moldova, 1800-2010, ART XXI Press, Iasi, 2011 ; ‘The Romanian Fine Art Ladies’, Artmark Gallery 2011 ; Francisco Arroyo Ceballos, ‘Art Critic’, Cordoba Libros Press, Spain, 2010 ; the Annual of Contemporary Culture and Art, 2010, Cordoba, Spain ; Valentin Ciuca, ‘Selective Vernishings’, ART XXI Press, 2010, Iasi ; Otilia and Vasile Sfarghiu, ‘ Fine Art Artists from Campulung’, Axa Botosani Press, 2010 ; G. Djordjevich, ‘Tradition and Modernism in the Romanian Painting’, Eurogama Invest, 2010 ; Emilian Drehuta, “ Bacau County Encyclopedia“ Agora Press 2007; Carmen Mihalache “ Dialogues in the workshop” Cronica Press, Iasi 2005; Valentin Ciuca “A Century of Fine Arts in Bucovina” Musatinii Press, Suceava 2005; Emil Satco ‘The Encyclopedia of Bucovina’ vol.II Princeps Press Iasi 2004;
Cornel Galben“Who’s who in Bacau”, vol.II Corgal Press Bacau 2003; Who’s who in Romania, Pegasus Press Bucharest 2002; Directory of Contemporary Fine Artists, Bacau Branch of UAP Romania 1996, Edition I, 2002 Edition II, Corgal Press Bacau; Al. Cebuc, V.Florea, N.Laptoiu – Encyclopedia of Romanian Contemporary Fine Artists,vol.I, Arc Press 2000; Emil Satco – Bucovina, cultural and scientifc contributions. Dictionary IX , Bucovina Press; ‘I.G. Sbiera ” Library of Bucovina Press, Suceava 2000.
Works in Museums and Collections: nationally : Art Museums in Bacau, Piatra–Neamt, Cluj, Bucovina Museum in Suceava, « I.G.Sbiera » Library of Bucovina, in Suceava, Compared Art Museum in Singeorz-Bai, Cultural Center « Palatele Brancovenesti » in Mogosoaia Abroad: Art Museum in Chernivtsi, Ukraine, Art Museum in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, European Centre for Promoting Art and Literature (CEPAL) in Thionville, France, International Centre for Art and Literature, Cordoba (CIALEC) Spain; Private collections in: USA, Switzerland, Egypt, France, Italy, Norway, Spain, Bulgaria.

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Energii Arhetipale/Archetypal Energies

afis_expozitie_ok (2)

Invitat la Festivalul Naţional de Literatură ”Toamna bacoviană” atât ca scriitor cât şi ca artist plastic, Constantin Severin îşi va vernisa vineri, 9 octombrie 2015, orele 17,30, la Complexul Muzeal ”Iulian Antonescu” din Bacău cea de-a 15-a expoziţie personală de pictură, ”ENERGII ARHETIPALE”. Artistul sucevean va expune 19 tablouri în tehnica ulei pe pânză şi o inedită pictură bifrons/instalaţie, intitulată ”Ianus”.

Expoziţia va fi prezentată de criticul şi istoricul de artă Iulian Bucur şi de scriitorul Calistrat Costin, preşedintele Filialei Bacău a Uniunii Scriitorilor din România, iar moderator va fi scriitorul Dumitru Brăneanu, managerul proiectului ”Toamna bacoviană”.

Evenimentul se bucură de susţinerea Consiliului Judeţean Bacău, Uniunii Scriitorilor din România-Filiala Bacău, Complexului Muzeal ”Iulian Antonescu” Bacău şi a Asociaţiei ”Eudaimonia” din Bucureşti.

Constantin Severin was a guest artist of the National Literature Festival ”George Bacovia”, Bacău, Romania.

Opening of the exhibition ''Archetypal Energies''.

Opening of the exhibition ”Archetypal Energies”.

The opening ceremony was attended by over 90 cultural personalities from Romania, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. The solo show ”Archetypal Energies” was presented by the art critics Iulian Bucur and Lucian Strochi.

The special guest of the event was my daughter in law, Eva Cirnu, consultant for communication and image for the Dalai Lama government from exile.

At the opening, with Eva Cirnu.

At the opening, with Eva Cirnu.

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Text and Time 110

Text and Time 110, oil on canvas, 56x80 cm, 2015

New monochrome artwork of archetypal expressionism in yellow, Text and Time 110, oil on canvas, 56×80 cm, 2015.

I used three types of old archetypes for this composition: a sacred archetype, Jesus Christ; a famous cultural archetype, Mantegna’s artwork, ”The Lamentation over the Dead Christ”(I admire it since I was a teenager); another cultural archetypes, pre-historical letters/sacred signs from Central Europe all around the work, arranged in a kind of Constructivist composition (a city); an utilitarian archetype, a beautiful traditional distaff from Romania.
Mantegna’s masterpiece and the distaff seem to be situated on the sky of the city built from pre-historical letters…

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Letter to Charles Saatchi

Originally posted on The Alchemical City:

Brancusi: Artwork of Archetypal Expressionism Brancusi: Artwork of Archetypal Expressionism

Dear Charles Saatchi,

I’m one of the intellectuals who believe in destiny’s magic and its significant coincidences.
That’s why I think now, retrospectively, that it wasn’t a simple coincidence that the first book which influenced my vision on art as a teenager, ‘’A Concise History of Modern Painting’’, was written by a British art historian, Herbert Read, and it wasn’t a simple coincidence that I was among the first 50 international visual artists who joined Saatchi Online, a very dynamic and challenging player on the global market, since Rebecca Wilson became the director of Saatchi Gallery.

Ion Ţuculescu: Artwork of Archetypal Expressionism Ion Ţuculescu: Artwork of Archetypal Expressionism

I was born in a small Romanian city, Baia de Aramă, situated nearby Constantin Brancusi’s village, Hobiţa, and in the same region with my preferred Romanian painter, Ion Ţuculescu. After I studied for many years the art of these two Romanian masters through…

View original 596 more words

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My art is promoted by Atelier Auction from Singapore

Text and Time 100, mixed media (oil on canvas&cardboard), 70x100 cm, 2013

I’m thrilled to announce that after Lavacow, Bucharest, my art is promoted by another international auction house, Atelier Auction, from Singapore.

Atelier Auction is a relatively new online auctioneer in the South-east Asia auction industry, founded in 2013 by a young entrepreneur, Adrian Tang, Executive Director of Empire Group Holding, who became one of the fans of my art.
Empire Group Holding have managed more than 800 successful projects, both in Governmental and Private sectors, building upon a reputation in the industry as an accomplished Builder, Entrepreneur, Innovator and lastly, Mentor to many others. As an Investment Company, its main role is to acquire and establish companies related to Information Technology and currently held more than 30 unique brands and equities.

''The Orchid'' by Su Xiaohua (China)

”The Orchid” by Su Xiaohua (China)

The launch date of the upcoming auction is on 19th of May, and this
auction event will be lasting for a month till 19th of June, so the bidders will have a total month to bid for their favorite artwork(s).

Don Leon, Art Coordinator of Atelier Auction selected 4 of my artworks for this auction event: ’’I chose your artwork because I see the traits of your artwork have good potential to sell in the Contemporary art market, you have a very unique exotic style of what you called archetypal expressionism. It is very decorative kind of flat image which combines great analogous colors with various beautiful textures. I would praise you as a very well-established artist.’’

''At the market place'' by V.V.Swamy (India)

”At the market place” by V.V.Swamy (India)

The artists’ portfolio of Atelier Auction international auction house is really impressive, with 23 outstanding artists from China, many of them belonging to a top art university, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts (in the past five years, the staff members won hundreds of top national prizes), two artists from Singapore, another two artists from India, one from Malaysia, one from Australia, one from Venezuela, one from Dubai and another 6 artists from Europe ( Italy, Croatia, Switzerland, Spain, Slovenia and Poland ).

It’s really amazing to be promoted for the first time on the Asian art market, in my opinion my new awarded art concept/movement, the archetypal expressionism, is fitted to the old values of the Oriental Art.

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My nominations for Artes Mundi Prize 2016

Jenny Saville-''Reverse'', 2003

Jenny Saville-”Reverse”, 2003

One of the most important international art prizes is awarded every two years by the National Museum Wales, Cardiff.

Some days ago I was invited by Jane Hughes-Wynn, Marketing and Communications Officer, to make my own nominations for the 7th edition of Artes Mundi Prize, which will take place in venues across Cardiff, the capital city of Wales, from late 2016 to early 2017( the winning artist will receive a prize of £40,000).
The shortlisted artists will also be eligible for the £30,000 Derek Williams Trust Award, that enables National Museum Wales to purchase or commission a work from one of them.

The Romanian visual artist, Mircea Cantor, was nominated in 2008 on the short list.

My nominations for Artes Mundi 7 are:

Jenny Saville (United Kingdom)

If you want freedom

Tracey Tawhiao (New Zealand)


Mircea Roman (Romania)


Here is the invitation I received to nominate some of the artists I like for Artes Mundi 7:

Dear Constantin Severin,

Artes Mundi is currently seeking nominations for the next iteration of its exhibition and prize, Artes Mundi 7. The nominations will close on May 15th 2015.

We invite you to nominate any contemporary visual artist you feel fulfils the requirements set out below:

Nominations can be for contemporary visual artists of any age, from anywhere in the world, who are actively making work and are already well known in their own country or region. The artists will usually have some experience of exhibiting on the international art scene, whether they are just emerging or firmly established.

To be shortlisted for the Artes Mundi Prize artists must create work that directly engages with people’s everyday lives and experiences, exploring contemporary social issues from across the globe in a way that resonates both locally and internationally.

To nominate an artist (or multiple artists) please visit :

The Artes Mundi 7 Exhibition will be held in venues across Cardiff from October 2016 to February 2017.

If you would like to nominate but are unable to complete the nominations form please email with the artist’s names and websites that you wish nominate.

Please feel free to share this call for nominations amongst your networks.

Yours faithfully
Jane Hughes-Wynn

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Romanian Soul

Romanian Soul, oil, 51x61 cm, 2015

Romanian Soul, oil, 51×61 cm, 2015

An artwork dedicated to the light of the Romanian Soul, so rich in old and overhelming traditions.

This composition was inspired by Andreea Chisăliţă, one of my teenagers friends from my home-city, Suceava, who is a very gifted and a successful singer of traditional Romanian songs.

One of Andreea’s songs on youtube:

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