Debate on Archetypal Expressionism: Donald L. Conover


A well-known and respected American author and visual artist, Donald L. Conover, specialized in Carl Gustav Jung’s works and its impact on the contemporary science, culture and politics, featured my concept, Archetypal Expressionism, on his site:

Artwork by Donald L. Conover

Artwork by Donald L. Conover

Donald L. Conover, founder of the Archetype in Action™ Organization is also a former contributor on the magnitude of archetypes in art:

Artwork by Donald L. Conover

Artwork by Donald L. Conover

Portrait of the Artist

Donald L. “Skip” Conover began his avocation as an Artist in 1995. He first wanted to do sculpture, but found the clay dried his hands too much, so he moved into imagery on paper and canvas. While he has worked in many media, including watercolor, acrylic, oil, and pencil, on fabric, canvas, and paper, his main directions of development today are his Black & White images, which elucidate the concept of numinous eroticism in Jungian Archetype, and his monoprints. The monoprints are now the most dramatic, in that they are produced by first applying paint to the model, and then the model to the medium. The results are truly dramatic abstractions of the beauty of the human form in all its grandeur. Skip’s work has been on continuous display in several venues. His art is owned by scores of collectors in at least 6 countries on three continents. Skip has not held a public exhibition since 2005 due to the press of his international business career and writing activities. He considers this business career to be Archetypal Expressionism in another medium.


About Constantin Severin

Constantin Severin ( is a Romanian writer and, as a visual artist, the founder and promoter of the award-winning concept known as archetypal expressionism. He is the author of eight books of poetry, essays, and novels, and his poems have been published by major Romanian and international literary magazines. He is one of the editors of the French cultural magazine Levure littéraire.
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