A Challenge: Archetypal Expressionism Art Gallery

''Maiastra'' by Constantin Brancusi, Guggenheim Museum, NY

”Maiastra” by Constantin Brancusi, Guggenheim Museum, NY

Probably the best international visual artists who represent the new awarded art concept/movement, Archetypal Expressionism, are now together in a virtual art gallery:


I hope this conceptual art group will be a challenge for the international art market and for possible major art investors, who could transform the project into a cutting edge art gallery.

Worldwide art lovers, collectors, gallerists, art museums and curators can extend their research to other important international visual artists who shared the values of Archetypal Expressionism: Hussein Salim (Sudan/Canada), Carla Lensen (Netherlands), BIBI (Nigeria/Dubai), Susanne Iles (Ireland), Donald L. Conover (USA), Paola Gonzalez (Mexic), Kerryn Madsen-Pietsch (Australia), Tracey Tawhiao and Tepora Watene (New Zealand), etc.

A contemporary art museum dedicated to Archetypal Expressionism or a project for a future edition of the Venice Biennale could become outstanding achievements of the group.

The design of the site is signed by a young and gifted stage director, Victor Olăhuţ from Cluj Napoca, the city of the most successful wave of young Romanian visual artists, with Adrian Ghenie as a worldwide acclaimed leader.


About Constantin Severin

Constantin Severin (constantinseverin.ro) is a Romanian writer and, as a visual artist, the founder and promoter of the award-winning concept known as archetypal expressionism. He is the author of eight books of poetry, essays, and novels, and his poems have been published by major Romanian and international literary magazines. He is one of the editors of the French cultural magazine Levure littéraire.
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1 Response to A Challenge: Archetypal Expressionism Art Gallery

  1. t says:

    Step by Step, post by post. blog by blog, I have watched from afar the growth of your ‘Child’; Archetypal Expressionism, I have watched with growing interest and enthusiasm. Now with the advent of your dedicated virtual art gallery for Archetypal Expressionists, I am motivated with pressing urgency to connect with the source of the inspiration for my Maiden Solo Exhibition; ‘The Forsaken’; The Hieroglyphs, Narratives and Legends of Our Ancient Legend Carriers. Producing these artworks is unlike the other work I do… it is more than an artform.. which is why I have been lax to start… originally these glyphs were ‘tapu’, meaning sacred. Only those chosen to record the history and legends of my Tupuna were permitted to use them and read them… but as the Hohepa before me published his work for me and others to read… and as my art is on the internet.. I can forge ahead… not hurriedly.. but respectfully… in sync with my forebears..thank you Constantin for providing this platform…a platform to reconnect with our ancient origins, to visualise how we perceive and understand it… to be AT ONE WITH OUR CREATOR. Kia ora. Ko Aroha Te Maunga, Ko Hauraki Te Moana, Ko Matai Whetu Te Marae, Ko Ngati Maru Te Iwi, Ko Matene Te Nga Te Ariki, Ko Tainui Te Waka, Ko Aotearoa Te Tangata Te Whenua. Ko tohunga tā whakaahua te mahi. Ko Tepora Watene Te Ingoa.

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