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Delia Ioana Leizeriuc despre expoziţia ”Semnele Timpului”

Constantin Severin e deja un nume în evoluția artei contemporane, iar noi nu putem să nu remarcăm rezultatele sale uimitoare, artistul reuşind cu mult curaj și îndemânare să amestece ”poțiuni magice” pentru a scoate la lumină simboluri de mult uitate, … Continue reading

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My smallest artwork, my first ACEO’s

My smallest artwork is my first ACEO’S (Art Cards, Editions and Originals), a commission for an art collector from Portugal, Antonio Ramalho. It’s entitled ”Primordial Sounds”, oil on cardboard, 6,4×8,9 cm. I told to my new art collector that maybe … Continue reading

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My art is promoted by Artplode, London

Great news for my art lovers and collectors: since January 2016 my art is promoted and sold by the cutting edge Artplode, London, launched in August 2014. My former collectors also have now the opportunity to resell my artworks on … Continue reading

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Severin’s Alphabet

I always thought that the so called pre-historical cultures (I prefer to label them primordial cultures), are more complex and refined than we usually know. In Romania the archeologists already discovered large cities from the primordial age, the time when … Continue reading

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Severin’s Choice: Harumi Abe

Art Statement The idea of home, as described in Gaston Bachelard’s writing, Poetics of Space, has been my primary interest for a while. The home is not just the physical construction in which we live, but more importantly, is a … Continue reading

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Severin’s Choice: Farhad Bahram

Artist Statement My current artistic inquiry centers around deconstructing peripheral relationship between medium and message especially in relation to my own body. I am consciously thinking about my body and its dominant physical characteristics as a predicative gesture fixed in … Continue reading

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Norman Lock about The Couple (Text and Time 112)

There is much to relish and admire in The Couple, a mysteriously simple (and by that, I mean you arrive, again, at a simplicity of form that has resolved an intricacy of motifs) homage to Man and Woman in physical … Continue reading

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