Severin’s Choice: Camelia Rusu Sadovei

”Angel’s Garden”-oil-on-canvas-120×100-cm-2018

Bio Camelia Rusu Sadovei

Born on 11th of May, in 1965, in the city of Suceava, graduate of the Bucharest ”Nicolae Grigorescu” Plastic Arts Institute, the class of Vasile Grigore professor, 1989 class.


Personal exhibitions
• 1988- Suceava, Municipal Theatre
• 1992- Suceava, Art Galleries
• 1996-Vienna- “Aula Romaniae” Cultural Center
• 1997- Suceava-Natural Science Museum -pastel
• 1998- Municipal Hospital of Suceava
• 1997-1998 – The monumental decorative Ensemble- Children’s Welcome Center
• 1999- The Asirag Galleries -Suceava
• 2002- Suceava- Natural Science Museum
• 2003- “Alice” House-Suceava
• 2009- City Gallery- Suceava
• 2012- “Ion Irimescu” Galleries Suceava
• 2014- “Ion Irimescu” Galleries Suceava
• 2017- “Ion Irimescu” Galleries Suceava
”Nicolae Tonitza” Gallery, Iassy
• 2018- Bucovina History Museum – Suceava

”Golden Apples”-oil-on-canvas-60×70-cm-2012

Abroad exhibitions
• 1989 – Canada- The Miniature Triennal
• 1993 – Kishinev – Moldavian exhibitions
• 1994 – France, Maison du Champalud
• 1996 – Drawing Triennal from Majdanek-Polonia
– Miniature Biennal from Rudnik- Slovacia
• 1998-SUA, Know,Herillville,Chicago, Cornerstone, Misshewalla
• 2001-Finland, Ripustus Taidegalleria
• 2004-France, Saint Laurent du Pont, monumental work , in the French- Romanian bilateral

”Prude’s Jays”-oil-on-canvas-100×80-cm-2017

Cultural exchange
• 2005 – France, International exhibition “Rendez vous des Artistes”-Saint Joseph de Riviere
• 2006 – France, Grenoble, collective exhibition
• 2007-Hochstadt- Germany,”Bucovina’s treasures”- International cultural project

• 2007-2015- Artistic dialogues- Moldavian exhibitions- Cultural exchange periodicals, Suceava -Kishinev
• 2016 – Artistic bilateral cultural project – Laval, France- Suceava, Romania

”The Song”-oil-on-canvas-120×100-cm-2018

Collective exhibitions
• 1989-Youth Festival – Târgu Mureş
-Autumn Exhibition – Focşani
-Youth Exhibition – Bucharest, The ”Ion Mincu” Architecture Institute Galleries
• 1990-2008 A- “Annual Exhibition”, The Professional Visual Artists Gallery
• 1991-Group 22- Suceava
• 1997-Art exhibition -Botoşani
-Summer exhibition -Suceava
-Piatra Neamţ- “Lascăr Vorel” Painting Contest
• 1990-2001- Festival Contest “Voroneţiana”
• 1993, 1994, 1996, 2003,2004, – Moldavian exhibitions, Bacău- Kishinev
• 2005, 2006-Rădăuţi Art Galleries -Suceava
• 2006- Prefecture of Suceava
• 2007, 2009, 2012- Piatra Neamţ-“Lascăr Vorel” Painting Contest
• 2007-2010 Suceava Townhall, “Days of Suceava”
• 2007-2012- “Annual Exhibition”, The Professional Visual Artists „ Ion Irimescu” Gallery
– The Professional Visual Artists Exhibition Suceava- City Gallery –Suceava
-Humanum Lux- „ Ion Irimescu” Art Gallery Suceava
• 2010 – Suceava Townhall, “Days of Suceava”
– Contemporary Art Fair- Shopping City, Suceava
– “Annual Exhibition”, The Professional Visual Artists – City Gallery Suceava
• 2011-Visual Artists Professors Exhibition- Iaşi- Dana Gallery
– A.R.T.E. Symposium Exhibition, WTC Galleries, Iassy
-February Identities – Plastic Art International Galleries – „Ion Neagoe” Art Galleries –
C.C.D. Iassy
– Armonii de Primăvară- Galeria de Artă a Consiliului Judeţean Suceava
– Salonul de vară, Shopping City, Suceava
• 2012- Participation in the scientific session and exhibition of the International Festival “Art and Tradition in Europe”- Iassy – Suceava
• 2013- 2012 Annual – City Gallery- Suceava
– ”Real and Imaginary”- City Gallery- Suceava
• 2014- 2013 Annual – City Gallery – Suceava
International Symposium A.R.T.E. Iassy, 2014
• 2015- ”Contemporary Attitudes” International Symposium Slobozia
-”Lascăr Vorel” Plastic Art National Biennal 2015
– Călineşti Painting Camp Exhibition- 2014 and Suceviţa -2015, Natural Science Museum,–Suceava.
– ”Minority History” Painting Exhibition, UAPR Branch Iassy and Suceava- The Center for the support of Bukovina traditions
• 2016-”Nicolae Tonitza” Contemporary Art National Biennal –” Vasile Pârvan” Museum of Bârlad, First Edition
– “Annual Exhibition”, The Professional Visual Artists- Suceava,”Ion Irimescu” Art Galleries
• 2017- Spring exhibition – UAP Suceava-”Ion Irimescu” Art Galleries


Awards and distinctions
• 1990- 4th place – Festival Contest “Voroneţiana”
• 1993- Second Prize –Art and Culture Committee – Suceava
• 1996- Second Prize – Festival Contest “Voroneţiana”
• 2001- Second Prize – Festival Contest “Voroneţiana”
• 2006- Excelency Diploma- Lions Foundation – Suceava
• 2007- Excelency Diploma – County Scholar Inspectorate – for the artistic professoral activity
• 2011- Honorary Diploma to the scientific session and ”Art and Tradition in Europe”
International Festival ,A.R.T.E.”- Iaşi-Suceava, ediţia I
• 2011- Special Award to the ”Art and Tradition in Europe” International Festival ,A.R.T.E.”, first edition.
• 2012- Diploma of merit – for prestigious contributions for the cultural and spiritual revigoration of Bucovina, Suceava County Council
• 2016- Excelency Diploma for extraordinary results in the didactics career in the ”Ciprian Porumbescu” Art College


Creation camps
• 1995-International Creation Camp – Câmpulung Moldovenesc
• 2005-International Creation Camp – Vatra Dornei
• 2013-National Creation Camp – Pătrăuţi- Suceava
• 2014-National Creation Camp – Călineşti- Suceava
• 2015-National Creation Camp – Suceviţa- Suceava
• 2016-National Creation Camp – Cacica- Suceava
• 2017-National Creation Camp – Vama – Suceava


Appearances in art albums and dictionaries
• ”Bucovina, cultural scientific contributions” dictionary IX, Emil Satco 1992;
• “Encyclopedia of Bucovina” vol.2 , Emil Satco 1999;
• “A century of beautiful arts in Bucovina”, Valentin Ciucă, 2006
• “Unknown Europe- treasures in Bukovina” bilingual edition, project co-financed and financed by the Bucovina Museum Complex, Suceava County Council, with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture and Cults;
• Illustrator of: – ” Literary Bukovina ” Magazine, 7-12, July – Dec.1996 – The “Scriptum”
-Magazine, Year XX, Nr. 3-4 / 2014, edited by “I.G. Sbiera “Bukovina Library Suceava
-The volume of poetry “Fallen Ink”, Ion Paranici, Ed.Junimea, Iasi, 2007
-”The world around us”, Ion Paranici, Muşatinii, Suceava, 2007
-The volume “The world’s most treasured treasure” and the volume “The world’s most treasured treasure for dwarves: a practical remedy for a happier life in children (6-9 years) “, G.Tofan Publishing House, Suceava, 2010, by Mihail Coşman
-The volume “From what they were”, Ion Paranici, Muşatinii, Suceava, 2013


Camelia Rusu Sadovei

Personal artworks: can be found in private collections and of state in Romania, Japan,Austria, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Canada, USA.
Suceava, Romania
Nicolae Bălcescu street, no. 8, C, app.14

Mobile Phone: 0727395006

About Constantin Severin

Constantin Severin ( is a Romanian writer and, as a visual artist, the founder and promoter of the award-winning concept known as archetypal expressionism. He is the author of eight books of poetry, essays, and novels, and his poems have been published by major Romanian and international literary magazines. He is one of the editors of the French cultural magazine Levure littéraire.
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