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Severin’s Choice: Amador Vega

‘’Inner life has a close connection to a mystical geometry of the soul’’ Interview with the Spanish philosopher and writer Amador Vega, Aesthetics and Theory of Arts Professor at Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona and Visiting Professor of Philosophy and Aesthetics … Continue reading

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Jeanette Winterson, BBC & The Alchemical City

Seven weeks ago I’ve sent a letter to Jeanette Winterson, a British writer from Manchester and a partner of the prestigious BBC radio (in the period 1992-1996, I was a fellow-worker of BBC, too). But untill now she did’nt answer … Continue reading

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Featured poet and visual artist by Trafika Europe 8, ”Romanian Holiday”

I’m thrilled to announce that I was featured both as a poet and a visual artist by the prestigious Trafika Europe 8, ‘’Romanian Holiday’’, published by Penn University Press, USA. The well-known writer, Andrew Singer, Director and Editor-in-Chief of Trafika … Continue reading

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My special guests for the 12th issue of Levure littéraire, Paris

In some years the multilingual and multidisciplinary e-magazine Levure littéraire, Paris, founded by the outstanding French born Romanian writer and thinker Rodica Draghincescu, became one of the hot cores of the global culture, nominated this year for the prestigious Rive … Continue reading

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“. . . I hope to expose both the moral horror and criminal injustices of the age and to speak to their persistence in our own.” CONSTANTIN SEVERIN’S INTERVIEW WITH NORMAN LOCK CONSTANTIN SEVERIN: Can we start with the beginning? … Continue reading

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A challenge: to study Fiction at the University of Iowa

Last month I have graduated the International Writing Program from the University of Iowa, a cutting edge course dedicated to Fiction, more precisely the art of writing good novels. I have enjoyed it very much and my final profile can … Continue reading

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Rodica Lăzărescu în dialog cu Constantin Severin

Ultimul număr al unei frumoase şi incitante reviste de cultură, literatură şi artă, PRO SAECULUM din Focşani, este ilustrat cu picturi semnate de mine, iar la pagina 54 puteţi citi un interviu realizat de doamna Rodica Lăzărescu, scriitoare şi coordonatoare … Continue reading

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