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Message for my possible future art dealers

Romanian visual artist and writer, editor of the prestigious ”Levure littéraire” international cultural magazine, Paris (TOP 5 cultural magazines in France, 2016), http://levurelitteraire.com/ theorist and promoter since 2000 of a new awarded concept/movement on the contemporary art scene, the Archetypal … Continue reading

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Severin’s Choice: Ovidiu Maitec

« L’histoire nous rapproche, nous fascine, nous bouleverse » Entretien avec le sculpteur roumain Ovidiu Maïtec, réalisé en 2001 par Constantin Severin « Ovidiu Maïtec , un nom dont la douce sonorité rappelle la surface soyeuse du bois, striée par … Continue reading

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Text and Time 117 (The Dancers)

Text and Time 117 (The Dancers), oil on canvas, 80×120 cm, 2017. Work of Archetypal Expressionism, my new awarded art concept/movement. The Archetypal Expressionism Statement ARCHETYPAL EXPRESSIONISM lies between the two major paradigms of contemporary art, the figurative and the … Continue reading

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Text and Time 116

Text and Time 116, oil on canvas, 50×70 cm, 2017. Work of Archetypal Expressionism, requested by an art collector from Bucharest, D.T., the follower of a famous family of intelectuals and boyards from Bukowina, my beautiful home-region.

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My art on Absolute Arts

The worldwide art lovers of the Archetypal Expressionism, the new awarded art concept/movement, may find a collection of some of my best artworks on Absolute Arts: https://www.absolutearts.com/portfolios/s/severin/ Absolute Arts was launched in 1999 by World Wide Arts Resources Corporation (founded … Continue reading

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Severin’s Choice: Ritchie Sinclair

In my opinion, the great Canadian artist Norval Morrisseau is a classic of the archetypal expressionism, the new awarded art concept/movement with so many fans worldwide. Now I have the great pleasure to feature on my blog Norval Morrisseau’s best … Continue reading

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The Birdman

New work belonging to the Archetypal Expressionism series: Text and Time 114 (Birdman), oil on canvas, 70×90 cm, 2016. The composition was inspired by an ancient Assyrian-Babylonian bas-relief. They thought that the Birdman archetype has been created by the god … Continue reading

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