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My special guests for the 12th issue of Levure littéraire, Paris

In some years the multilingual and multidisciplinary e-magazine Levure littéraire, Paris, founded by the outstanding French born Romanian writer and thinker Rodica Draghincescu, became one of the hot cores of the global culture, nominated this year for the prestigious Rive … Continue reading


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Norman Lock about The Couple (Text and Time 112)

There is much to relish and admire in The Couple, a mysteriously simple (and by that, I mean you arrive, again, at a simplicity of form that has resolved an intricacy of motifs) homage to Man and Woman in physical … Continue reading

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“. . . I hope to expose both the moral horror and criminal injustices of the age and to speak to their persistence in our own.” CONSTANTIN SEVERIN’S INTERVIEW WITH NORMAN LOCK CONSTANTIN SEVERIN: Can we start with the beginning? … Continue reading

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Best inspirational poems

Best Poems Encyclopedia is a breaking ground project in the field of Poetry, accomplished by the poetry lovers from the East Tennessee State University, USA, especially by the writer Eva Reynolds, assistant professor at the English Department. http://www.best-poems.net/ Eva Reynolds … Continue reading

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