Severin’s Choice: Cris Orfescu

”Hole” by Cris Orfescu

NanoArt and the Universe as a Work of Art

“You search for the neighboring place of the beginning/
for the empty that the full is in love with”
(Constantin Severin, ”The Alchemical City”).

”The mathematics of the universe should be beautiful.”
(A. Garrett Lisi, the University of Hawaii)

‘’Beauty will save the world!’’

Professor A. Garrett Lisi has published an article, in November 2007, in which he purported to have unified classical relativity theory with quantum theory and explained gravity, giving us, in other words,”a theory of everything.” You might be interested in taking a look:

In that period I had a dialogue with a famous Romanian/British scientist, Sandu Popescu, one of the best world specialists in teleportation, from ”Hewlett Packard” Laboratories, Bristol, UK, and I asked him to tell me what he thinks about professor Lisi’s theory.
He asserted that in the last decades a lot of scientists studied the symmetries which rule the interractions between elementary particles, but the Hawaii physicist proposed a less unknown and studied symmetry, which could offer significant advantages. My friend from the virtual world, Sandu Popescu, also told me that many contemporary physicists tried to advance in the field of the unification of gravity with quantum mechanics and it would be hard to believe the solution could be just to look for a matching symmetry; the problem is more complex. But Sandu Popescu finally admitted that to discover a more fitting symmetry is categorically a gain, and it could become a good step on the way to find a solution.

It seems that almost all the secrets of the Universe are connected to pure Beauty…

”Flamingo” by Cris Orfescu

One of the few best international artists who saw, in the last decades, the Universe as a Work of Art, both in cosmic and subatomic worlds, and who explores the relationship between Universe and Beauty, is another friend of mine, the American born Romanian, Cris Orfescu.

Cris Orfescu was born in Bucharest, Romania, and lives and works in Los Angeles, since 1991. He is a degreed scientist who is experimenting for over 40 years with different media and art forms including digital art, murals, acrylic and oil painting, mixed media, faux painting, trompe l’oeil, collage, graphics, animation, web design, video, multimedia. For more than 25 years he is experimenting and perfecting a new art form, NanoArt, which reflects the transition from Science to Art through Technology. The famous newspaper, New York Times, dedicated an amazing article to his new art and Cris was a special guest of the prestigious Prince of Asturias Awards, Oviedo, Spain, in 2008, with a NanoArt solo show.

NanoArt is a concept close to my theory on post-literature and I think Cris Orfescu is one of the most actual artists, a child of our time, a post-literary epoch, when we experiment the co-existence, even merging of fields heretofore exhibiting autonomous profiles in time: that is, philosophy, art and science/ technology.

”Glowing 3” by Cris Orfescu

One could very well notice interesting twin similarities between us: we are Romanian born intelectuals, we come together from scientific fields, we rejected the Academic studies of art, but we studied and experimented with passion new forms of art all the life, and both of us are successful theorists and promoters of new concepts on the contemporary art scene, NanoArt and Archetypal Expressionism.

There is still another similarity: we work with archetypes; Cris has chosen the archetypes of the micro-universe, and I use archetypes of remote cultures. That’s why I think our art belongs to the same paradigm, the 3rd paradigm, the archetypal art, not yet recognized by the art historians, who asserted there are only two paradigms, the abstract and the figurative.

Every solo show by Cris Orfescu is a cutting-edge show of post-literature (I also named it, Leonardo’s paradigm), a true memento of our epoch, where philosophy, art and science/technology (nanotechnology) are intermingled.
Modulations of dynamic forms, vital intensity of radiant, bright and expressive colours, structured by a wild harmony of the invisible world, are all subordinated to a secret music of spheres. In all his assertions, Cris is convinced that the old language of art is no longer adequate for the human actual consciousness.

Cris Orfescu is a Fauvist of the micro-universes.


About Constantin Severin

Constantin Severin ( is a Romanian writer and, as a visual artist, the founder and promoter of the award-winning concept known as archetypal expressionism. He is the author of eight books of poetry, essays, and novels, and his poems have been published by major Romanian and international literary magazines. He is one of the editors of the French cultural magazine Levure littéraire.
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